Course curriculum

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    • A message from Megumi

    • Preparing for your learning

    • Speak up secrets video 1: Common Barriers to Speaking Up

    • Speak up secrets video 2: What To Do Before The Meeting To Make It Easier For Yourself

    • Speak up secrets video 3: How To Prepare So You Add Value

    • Speak up secrets video 4: The One Skill That Makes the Biggest Difference in Your Communication

    • Speak up secrets video 5: Different Ways To Make Meaningful Contributions

    • Speak up secrets video 6: Five Tips To Become More Intentional When You Speak

    • Speak up secrets video 7: The "After Meeting" Follow Up Strategy

    • Speak up secrets video 8: How to Shift Your Mindset From "What-ifs" to "Why Not!"

    • Speak up secrets video 9: Summary of the 7 Strategies and Next Steps

    • Learning reflections

Course designer and instructor

Founder of Quietly Powerful

Megumi Miki

Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership and culture, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. As a quiet achiever, Megumi has often found it challenging to be recognised and lead effectively while being her authentic self. Through 20 years of personal development, studying Quietly Powerful leaders and coaching others she found a way to use her quiet nature as her unique strength. Through her book - Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength, which was awarded the Best Leadership Book 2020 by the Australian Business Book Awards and Australian Career Book of 2020 by RSA Oceania - keynote presentations, 1-1 and group coaching programs, Megumi has reached thousands of people globally and helped many of them to develop a quietly confident presence to be heard, lead authentically and have impact. In the uncertain, changing, global and inter-connected world, Megumi believes that the ‘alpha’ or ‘hero’ leadership style alone is outdated and inadequate. Quietly Powerful expands the definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like and empowers quieter professionals and those outside majority groups to fulfill their leadership potential.